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Top 3 youtubers

Whilst I’ve made a YouTube account to link with this blog I thought I’d make a post to share with you guys who are my top 3 favourite youtubers at the moment!

3. Zoella

I recently discovered zoella a few months ago when I overheard friends discussing her YouTube page so I thought I’d check her out.
Her channel doesn’t really have a main topic id say it’s more regular girly things and her day to day life that us nosey viewers love to see!
I then discovered that Zoe and Alfie (her boyfriend) are friends with marzia and Felix (who are my favourite YouTube couple!) which was brilliant for me as I love watching them!
Zoe has made her vlogs very genuine as she doesn’t try to be something she isn’t she’s a very genuine average girl vlogging about her day to day life in such a quirky fun way!
She never fails to put a bright mood over even the cloudiest of days!

2. Cutiepiemarzia

Marzia is your everyday average girl who fell in love with a Swedish boy and pretty much had their fairytale romance with a happily ever after of them both eventually moving to England together!
Marzia’s channel is very fashion orientated as she gives us her monthly hauls and DIY videos and general girly things that are extremely fun to watch!
She’s extremely quirky and has a very outgoing personality and really connects with her viewers which I love!
She’s my favourite female youtuber so far and probably always will be!
I’d 100% recommend that you watch her videos because I am absolutely addicted!

1. Pewdiepie

I cannot even express how much I love pewdiepie’s channel it is practically my life at the moment.. As well as blogging of course,
I started to watch his videos a few years back before he became the big YouTube star he is today and it sort of gives you that proud mother bird feeling thinking how much his page has developed and how long I’ve been part of his “bro army” for.
Felix fell in love with marzia over YouTube I guess and they ended up moving together to England after working extremely hard to get to such a level which I admire completely as they tell their stories of how they became to be youtubers and how hard they work.
Pewdiepie’s channel is mainly videos of him playing games of all genres for our, as the viewers, enjoyment as he plays the games for the first time and videos his reactions so we get a true insight to him in the games which is often extremely hilarious!
His videos are 100% going to make you laugh or at least smile!
If you don’t check out his channel you’re definitely missing out!

Well, thankyou for taking the time to check out my top 3 favourite youtubers at the moment and I hope you check their channel out some time!
I’ll see you guys soon with another post that even I have no idea what it’ll be about yet!
Love you guys!

~Chloe, xo


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