Where’s Chloe?

I disappeared for a week off the face of the social network and I couldn’t even tell you as my lovely readers where I was going!

Well my sisters 21st was on valentines day and she had planned to go to Disney land Paris and as her family we had also planned to surprise her on her birthday by turning up to Disney !
Which we did end up doing and spent her birthday with her in Disney.. which some of you may know is my FAVOURITE place in THE world!
This is me and my sister, we’ve both been going to Disney since such  a young age and so its fun to see how we’ve both grown up within a Disney surrounding I guess?

I’m planning on doing a little vlog of my journey there as I was able to record little clips to eventually show you all as I missed blogging but was sworn to secrecy about where I was going until we surprised my sister which was sooo difficult for me as I love posting about everything !

We stayed in our childhood hotel which we ALWAYS stay in, its the santa Fe hotel which id recommend all day long as it used to be a cute little Mexican themed hotel and now they sort of put the ‘Cars’ film twist on it which is still amazing and instantly makes you feel young again!

Im going to (TRY TO) include a short video of the vlog yet to come of my journey so you can watch that!


Coming home is the saddest part of any vacation, so im sorry my little readers for not being here for you all but im back and will be blogging MUCH more frequently from now on!
Thanks for reading!

~Chloe, xo


3 thoughts on “Where’s Chloe?”

  1. Awwww thank you Chloe! This is such a cute little post in your blog and I’m over the moooon I made it into the ‘Where’s Chloe’. Fab blog! Keep going xxx

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