Today’s Liverpool Haul 18.2.14


So I’ve been away for quite a while and, unfortunately, missed valentines day!
So me and my boyfriend decided we’d spend our valentines day together once I was home from my little vacation to France.

We ended up going Liverpool today for a museum crawl and vintage shopping haul,
After trawling through countless busy museums due to it being the holidays we found ourselves in bold street looking through the endless amounts of vintage stores!

Quiggins is the main store for my little haul of the day!
The comic books were an amazing little find within a regular comic store in Quiggins and to our amazement they were 3 for a pound!
Bargain no.1

I then found myself in a tiny little vinyl store which we must’ve spent hours in! I ended up finding this kooks vinyls with no price on it, the shop owner however have it to me for only two pounds!
Bargain no.2

Recently I’ve been getting HOOKED on lush products!
I never really understood the hype about them until I was given one as a gift for my birthday and oh my gosh they’re brilliant!
So after feeling adventurous today I decided to pick myself up a new one which was only around £2.75 and it’s a black current one which smells absolutely heavenly!

So that’s my little haul today that only came to around 5 pounds which is extremely good for me because once I have money it’s literally as though it’s burning a hole in my pocket!

I hope you enjoyed my little day out and haul in Liverpool I’ll now be blogging more frequently once again now I’m away from vacation and such!

See you all soon!
~ Chloe, xo


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