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False Nails for beginners


A topic id love to discuss.. False nails
They’ve been a curiosity of mine for so long and I was shopping after Christmas and came across these adorable black and white polka for/kitty ones in primark for only £1 and thought I’d give them a go!
I also picked up some cute little bird ones for the summer!

20140204-224157.jpgUsually I look in disgust at false nails as if not done properly can look ridiculously long and fake and I will never be able to understand how girls wearing them can go about their daily lives with ease !

Now with primark false nails they aren’t going to last as long, they break easily yet fit very nicely too!
They come in a range of colours and patterns so there is so much choice and the glue was fairly strong for such a cheap price!

I’ve took them off after a day as I didn’t want to ruin and lose them in school and they come off so smoothly!
The quality of them is rather thin and plastic like yet what do you expect for a pound!

Overall I find that I may learn to love false nails after trying these ones from primark, they’re a good fashion nails yet they aren’t very hard wearing at all!
So for only a pound take a look at the endless range of false nails at primark for you beginners like myself!
Happy shopping !

~ Chloe, xo


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