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Nivea Lip Butter Review

I had seen this product by Nivea everywhere whenever I went out shopping and so I thought I would buy one to give it a go and share my review of it.
From the growing range of scents I bought the Nivea Lip Butter in the scent ‘Caramel Cream’ which I thought would make a nice change to my usual strawberry or vanilla lipbalms.
The product itself is smaller than the palm of your hand, making it portable and easy to carry around, it may look like a slim product but I can assure you that the lipbalm will last you a very long time.
My first impression was that it smelt absolutely fantastic, it smelt like melting warm caramel which is gorgeous!
It is absolutely perfect as a lipcare product as I find it helps to smooth out my lips whenever they are dry and cracked and it also leaves a slight taste of the scent on your lips too!

My only issues with this product is that its very thick, I don’t enjoy the thought of having to put my fingers into the pot to apply the lip-balm and so I apply the product directly to my lips.
The caramel and vanilla lip-butter products tend to leave a white residue on the lips considering it’s such a thick lip butter yet overall it is the most moisturising lip care product I have come across so far!

I would rate this product 4/5 as it was very cheap considering how good the results were and the product is a fantastic lip product in my opinion as it repairs the damage caused to your lips by the cold winter days!



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