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Witch blemish stick review

Unfortunately for me I suffer with the dreaded teenagers worse nightmare.. You guessed it, spots!
I have tried numerous products such as face washes, face scrubs etc yet I have yet to find the perfect one for my skin to clear up the attack of angry spots attacking my face!

Last week I stumbled across this in Boots, the product does as it says, it gets to work instantly and fights angry blemishes!

I suffer with a naturally oily face which is both a positive and negative thing and I was yet to find a reasonably priced skin product specified for oily skin without paying extreme amounts of money!

The packaging is small and blue and both the instructions and details are clear and visible.
The product itself is like a large lip balm that you simply wipe over your blemishes as soon as they appear and you can apply this as often as you like!
I bought this for £2.09 at my local boots store which is a reasonably cheap price for such a good product!
Within a few days I noticed my skin had began to clear up and became less oily which is a bonus as now my makeup doesn’t get extremely shiny during the day.
Too much usage can dry your skin out quite easily yet you can balance this out by buying a natural skin moisturiser to use every morning!

The only faults I see to this product is that in order to get the product out the dispenser you have to push the bottom up, too much force can cause the whole stick to come out so be cautious and the product can run out very easily yet you can simply go out and buy another once it runs out.

Overall I rate this product a 5/5 as it does exactly what it says on the box and it has worked superbly for me considering I have been searching (for years) for a product to help and repair my skin!
It’s light, portable, easy to use and very effective!



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